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Week 6 • Rising Grades 5–9 • Outdoor Traveling Dungeons and Dragons with Afternoon Miniatures


Outdoor Traveling Dungeons & Dragons with Afternoon Miniatures (Rising Grades 5–9) 
Location: Waynflete (360 Spring Street)

Full Day
8:30 a.m.–3:15 p.m.

Join the fantasy world of dragons and heroes through this collaborative storytelling game while making the most of our beautiful Maine summertime. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campers get to immerse themselves in the imaginative role-playing game—but with a twist! Each day brings a new outdoor game location—a beach, rocky shore, city park, the ruins of a fort. Bring your imagination; SUMMER will provide the dice, dungeon masters, and transportation to off-campus locations.

Afternoons will offer downtime for those who look forward to other card games as well as STEAM art project options. Teaching artists will also lead projects such as building dice towers, magic compartment tomes, and jointed dragon “puppets” as simple machines. As we build the support structures of our magnificent creatures, we will investigate models and illustrations of animal skeletons to learn about the physical forces at work with our own human skeletons. Levers and rubber bands create conversations around potential energy. Physics will be combined with imagination as we build our unusual creatures. 

Program Director of Dungeons & Dragons Mike Dank
Mike Dank is a Performing Arts and Music teacher at Waynflete, where he teaches drum and bass lessons as well as rock ensembles. As part of Waynflete’s Enrichment department, Mike leads the Dungeons & Dragons club, which is open to the public. After school D&D started in 2015 when a group of middle school students approached Mike to help them get started with this adventure. Mike now supervises several weekly D&D games, supported by a team of high school Dungeon Masters, including some of those original student players from 2015. Mike and his team offer a fast-paced imaginative adventure for Middle School Dungeon & Dragon players, who look forward to this weekly club with great anticipation.

Mike has a long history as part of Waynflete SUMMER. Over the years, Mike has led all sorts of programs, from the beloved Construction Crew for K-1s, to rock band camps, to Makers, to D&D. Mike is happy to return to camp this summer to focus exclusively on the ever-growing Dungeons & Dragons program. As always, he will come to camp with some imaginative magical “makers” projects up his sleeve to provide breaks and variety for our enthusiastic D&D players.




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