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Week 4 • Rising Grades 4–5 • Saltwater Classroom Tidal Adventure


Saltwater Classroom Tidal Adventure (Rising Grades 4–5)
Location: Waynflete (360 Spring Street)

Full Day
8:30 a.m.–3:15 p.m.

Saltwater Classroom campers will spend mornings by the water’s edge with their sleeves rolled up and hands in the tidal pools. Ocean science and marine conservation come to life through field missions to tidal areas for hands-on exploration, group games, and projects. Come explore Maine’s saltwater ‘classrooms’ with Lexi Doudera and her knowledgable team of scientists, marine biologists, and adventurers who love teaching about the ocean and all of its creatures. After lunch and recess, Saltwater campers will work with a practicing artist to find a way to share and express through art the unique beauty of the ocean and the scientific concepts they are learning about.



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