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Location: Waynflete School (360 Spring Street)

Full Day
8:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

($335 for July 6–9)
We have increased our program costs an additional $25 this summer to address pandemic-related expenses.  

Specific program descriptions follow the STEAM Camp offerings by date.

June 21–25
Grades 3–5 Digital Arts & Animation With Engineering Games

June 28–July 2
Grades 2–4 Engineering Games
Grades 5–8 Digital Arts & Animation With Dungeons & Dragons

July 6–9
Grades 4–5 Engineering Games with Afternoon Dungeons & Dragons
Grades 6–9 Electronic Music Production

July 12–16
Grades 4–6 Filmmaking

July 19–23
Grades 2–3 Engineering Games With Field Games & Waterworks (**Fore River Fields 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.)

July 26–30
Grades 4–6 Filmmaking

Digital Arts and Animation
Campers will bring imagination-inspired original characters to life through digital animation. Basic animation principles, 2D animation history and storytelling techniques will inform our creative process as each camper works individually and collaboratively to produce a short animated story.

Engineering Games
Campers will participate in engineering games that combine STEM principles with artistic expression, goal setting and teamwork. Art projects, such as vehicles, building structures, and moving puppets, will involve simple machines and mechanics and challenge campers to work through the process of creating moving parts. *Note for Week of July 19-23: program takes place at Fore River Fields location, from 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Outdoor Dungeons & Dragons
Campers will enjoy learning and playing Dungeons and Dragons. At its core, Dungeons and Dragons is a game of collaborative storytelling. Campers will each take on the role of a unique character in a fantasy story and will need to work as a group to uncover treasure, solve puzzles and accomplish their goals. D&D players are broken into groups of 4 to 5 players. Each group is led by a practiced dungeon master, who arrives prepared to lead the ‘campaign.’ What path you choose is up to you… but know that the D&D world is full of both danger and adventure! Weather permitting, D&D games will be played outdoors to make the most of our Maine summer.

Electronic Music Production
Campers will learn to record, create, and edit sounds from scratch and will gain a foundation for creating electronic music. Chris Child, Emmy-winning composer and electronic musician Kodomo, will share his experience and teach students: 1) sampling, 2) synthesis (using different wave forms to create sound), 3) arrangement, and 4) production. Chris welcomes beginners and anyone who wants to learn. You will use a keyboard controller and third party software in tandem with GarageBand (free and pre-installed on Apple devices). Chris will guide campers’ discovery of new ways to maximize these software platforms to create original sounds and music. Bring your own over-ear music headphones and a USB flash drive for storage.

Calling all moviemakers and film aficionados! Join us to learn the fundamentals of planning, creating and filming an original movie. Campers will work in small groups to brainstorm ideas, learn the process of screenwriting, developing narrative, casting/acting, filming and editing. A final presentation will showcase new skills so campers can share the magic of moviemaking with family and friends. Film Instructor Bodhi Ouellette is a local freelance filmmaker who has been working in the Maine film industry since 2019. Bodhi’s professional work includes short films, commercials, and documentary projects. Filming multiple movie projects each year, Bodhi is working towards becoming a Director of Photography or Cinematographer. Besides making movies, Bodhi loves watching movies, writing, reading and taking photographs with his 35mm-film camera.

Health and Safety:
Camp activities will run in compliance with Waynflete’s multi-layered COVID safety protocols. Camp programs will run outdoors, as possible. Face masks and social distancing will be required indoors and outside, with additional distancing requirements during snack/eating times. Bus transportation will be limited to under 15 minutes; passengers will be distanced and masked on the bus, consistent with Waynflete’s bus safety protocols. See more about Camp’s safety guidelines on the homepage.


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