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What Families Love About Waynflete Camp

“My daughter flew out of the car each morning to get started with her day. And each afternoon she talked nonstop on the way home about her fantastic camp experience. She’s already planning an entire summer at Waynflete next year.” – Fifth-grade parent

“I love the unique and engaging camp themes that are offered.  As a parent of a kid who is not a fan of ‘typical’ day camps, it is so great to have him look forward to camp each day.” – Middle School parent

“My daughter absolutely loved Summertime Arts camp! She had so much fun and made a lot of fantastic work. The facilities and instruction are incredible.” –  Second-grade parent 

“Two of my kids attended—the older in theater camp, the younger did Electronic Music Production and Sketch. Both loved it immensely. Great leadership who made it rewarding and fun. Definitely returning next year. My kids really, really enjoyed the entire experience. They loved everything about it. Can’t thank you enough for hosting them!” – Fifth-grade and eighth-grade parent

“We began camp the week after we moved to Maine and were worried about our three-year-old daughter’s transition. The counselors were calm and wonderful with the kids and created a sense of security that allowed our daughter to overcome the transition smoothly and make new friends—all while maintaining a sense of routine which really helped overall. Thank you, Waynflete!” – EC parent

“My child learned valuable skills at camp, but more importantly, he met role models, friends, and grew as an individual!” – Second-grade parent

“Our daughter can be very shy and apprehensive about new experiences. The Waynflete camp staff provided her with a fun, educational, and safe space. She looks forward to attending multiple weeks every summer.” – First-grade parent

“My son loved the filmmaking camp. Every day he’d tell me what they’d done and what they were going to do. He was so excited and happy to be there.” – Fourth-grade parent

“My granddaughter loved Waynflete SUMMER! We thought it would be a great experience for her, but it surpassed even those expectations. The activities are fun, interesting, and creative. My office is now adorned with all kinds of awesome treasures. And we love the counselors. They are patient, plugged in, and happy. The kids feel happy, comfortable, and energized. I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience this has been. – First-grade grandparent

“The counselors and staff were amazing. The kids ran happily into camp every morning and came home full of stories about their days. Thank you so much!” – Third-grade parent

Comments on camp response to COVID-19 and safety protocols 

“The benefit of play and learning, especially during COVID-19, was clear to see each day our kiddo came home. What a mental health boost for our five-year-old!” –  K–1 parent

“Check-in was super easy. The staff and counselors were lovely and did a great job creating a safe and fun environment for the kids. It gave them a much-needed sliver of normalcy and interaction!” – Parent

“In these uncertain times, we have been so appreciative of Waynflete’s ability to engage our children in ongoing learning. Thank you for running camp.” – Parent 

“I felt good about the safety protocols deployed in this environment.” – Parent

“Camp leadership was clear and communicative, supportive and welcoming, using humility to connect with parents about how this whole experience of shifting sands and moving goalposts has impacted us all. The feeling was, “We are in this together, let’s get through this together.’” – Parent

“It was so reassuring to drop our daughter off for a day of wholesome activities, with other fun new kids, organized by trusted adults–what an incredible camp staff. They made sure the kids stayed safe without creating stress. When we picked up our daughter, she seemed deeply satisfied, like someone sipping a glass of water after a walk in a desert. She sat in the back seat and said in a blissful voice, ‘I feel so…joyful.’” – Parent 

“Our family is so grateful that the girls were able to attend Waynflete SUMMER this year. We could tell the camp was taking a cautious, smart, and thoughtful approach to opening safely.” – Parent

“Keeping the kids outside all day, tracking symptoms and temperatures, and having staff wear masks helped us feel secure about sending the girls to camp.” – Parent

“Social distancing and the consistent use of masks by all staff members was very much appreciated.” – Parent

“Camp staff were professional, easygoing, welcoming, and strong in their communication.” – Parent